Why Choose Us, and rent directly from the owner?  Why your next Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rental on Oceanislerentals.com?

(based on our 20+ years experience of linking vacationers directly to owners of Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rentals)

There are many good reasons to rent direct from the owner 

Why choose us to rent directly from the owner?

  • Direct rental owners are very active in the upkeep of their home and in particular are more active in the weekly cleaning of the home as the cleaning services are directly responsible to the owner (all in our group are for sure). It is easier for an owner who relies on a real estate agency, and who not have to communicate with their guests, to be less attentive to the property and less attentive to the needs of their guests. 
  • While a little redundant to the previous point, cannot stress it enough- the fact that owners rent direct higher the cleaners and manage them, here is the practical effect- we pay the cleaners more than the Realty Companies and expect more out of them.  This alone is a great reason to rent direct.
  • Owners who have no one in the middle between them and the vacationer can offer more amenities than those with the realty companies, because some of these extra amenities require more care and direct owners can provide such service that Real Estate Agencies cannot practically provide.
  • Owners and vacationers establish a rapport with another via the direct contact and it leads to a better experience for all.
  • Vacationers will get a more detailed description of the property going direct, including an approximate square footage, and if you have an unusual need or question – no one better than the owner to be there to help with the issue.
  • If there are any issues with a property, owners know their properties better than anyone, all have a list of service providers and are in the best position of anyone to resolve an issue quickly without resorting to the delays inherent with intermediate contacts.
  • You will never have a reservation fee as charged by the local real estate companies.
  • You will never have “service fees” or other “hidden charges” that raise costs that are charged by the National direct rental advertising companies- in many cases are quite hefty (12-15%).
  • You will know exactly who the owner is, who is responsible for the property, and be working directly with the owner from the time you first indicate you want to move forward with a property until you receive your security deposit after departure….. and in many cases, our vacationers have formed bonds with the property owners that extend 10 years or more.

For vacationers who rent direct, why choose us and rent of the Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rentals at oceanislerentals.com versus from other owner direct rental offerings?

  • We have spoken and work with a number of other owners (not in our group) and find that most do a good job; however, we are very established with over 2o years experience doing this – our experience in the business helps vacationers know they are working with a reliable service.
  • Our Facebook Group at www.facebook.com/groups/oceanislerentals is a great place to find direct rentals at OIB.  It requires request to join the group.  
  • We know the entire island very well, not just where our house is, as the owners in our group are all over the island.  We have visited OIB regularly for over 20 consecutive years.  We own and rent an Ocean Isle Beach Vacation rental on this site.  Ours is the one at 37 Moore St. Vacation Rental
  • We have a great owner group- we do not work with difficult owners, owners who do not keep up their properties, or properties that are undesirable
  • I do not know of any other groups that offer as many properties that include golf carts, kayaks, ping pong tables, pool tables, bikes, and paddleboards as you can find in this group, and, if you factor in the cost of these things to rent locally, the savings is huge- Golf Carts Available- Click Here
  • As your family/group size changes, we have a number of different types of direct rentals at all price points to allow you to change your property-type, know you will get a good value, and not need to spend hours trying to find a new place.  We are a time saver as well as a moneysaver.
  • It can be very challenging to find the right property for your family vacation, but if you need to rent multiple properties that can be overwhelming – we are the only place that can help you rent direct and help you get multiple properties easily, in any section of the island.
  • Everything in our group has Wi-Fi and you can always count on that at www.oceanislerentals.com
  • If you have a question about the island or a property, you will always good information from the web site via email or through our Facebook Group.
  • The more you go, the cheaper it gets.  We have some guests who have stayed in at least 4 or more different properties in our group over the years, and some who come down to OIB several times per year.  We take good care of everyone, but frequent visitors enjoy extra savings.
  • If you ever decide to take your own leap forward, we can put you in touch with a great local independent Realtor who does a great job and will truly look out for your best interest.
  • We have great reviews and a great family of vacationers who return to our group to rent at OIB, year after year.


Give us a try.  We promise to do a good job for you.  Click the contact button and email us today.  You can phone or text us at 704-467-4077.  Email or text is preferred.  


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