2nd and 2rd Row Ocean Isle Beach

Second and Third Row Ocean Isle Beach

What does First, Second, and Third Row mean?

If streets run parallel to the ocean, homes along those streets are “rows”.   If the street runs perpendicular to the ocean, we do not use the term “rows” to describe. While we describe many of the homes in our group this way, we always state distance and time walk to the beach for each property, as well.

  • First Row Means across the street from the ocean front, but no house in front of you- you have the ocean view. Generally these homes are under 100 yards from the beach access at OIB
  • Second row means on the ocean front street, but there is an ocean front house in front.  Most of these have at least some ocean view and are the same distance from the beach as First Row – generally under 100 yards
  • Third Row means it is two streets back and at OIB this is still very close to the beach.  Distance to the beach is usually 200-250 yards and many have some ocean views.  Some of these still have “great” ocean views.  At OIB, Second Street would be third and fourth row, but third row can be on Third or Fourth St, depending on where you are on the island.  

This can certainly be a bit confusing.  Hope this helps.  Always know the “distance” from the beach and if it is not stated, ask.